Ways to Entertain yourself on a Plane

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What is going on loyal readers, welcome back to my travel blog! As most of you have guessed, I am a Canadian living and travelling abroad. If you have flown to or from Canada, you know how long the flights can take. I haven’t had a flight to another country from Canada or to Canada that is less than 10 hours total. Because of this, I usually have to bring an assortment of things to keep me occupied during the flight as I can’t sleep. The movies on board get boring quick, so try these tricks to entertain yourself on a plane trip.

Tablet/Mobile Phone

If you have a tablet or a mobile phone you are taking with you, make sure you have it stocked with music and some fun apps. One of favourite apps to use on a plane is Catcher’s, which is a game where you have to catch zombies to serve up as a frozen treat in your beachfront slurpee shop. Yum!

Mobile Video Games

The best games to play when you are stuck in an aluminum tube thousands of feet in the air are the classics. Mega man, Pokemon Red, Metroid, Donkey Kong Country. I always try to have a gameboy with me when I travel, and now that I have upgraded to DS Lite I still have my Gameboy Advance Crystal just in case something happens.


Speaking of classics, how about some real classics? I like to grab a new book that I have been meaning to read before I go on a trip so that I have something new to read and hopefully learn. A great thing with books as well is that after you have finished reading it, you can leave it at your guesthouse/hostel/hotel or wherever you find that takes books. There is always somewhere that will take donations.

Do you readers have anything you like to do on a long plane ride? Let me know in the comments below and I will mention the best one in my next post. See you all again soon.