Hello everyone, welcome to my travel blog for the Canadian Traveler! I have experience in blog writing, although I mainly used it as a way to somewhat talk to people about sports from back home when I was abroad. One day while I was doing a write up on the latest match that I watched I thought that I really wanted to talk to people about the neat foods that I was eating overseas so this was the next obvious step. I will obviously be talking about more than just food, and as this is aimed towards Canadians I thought I should include a little bit of stuff for the homesick Canadian.

I am really excited to start doing this blog. Over two years ago I left Canada for a 3 week trip to Cambodia, and only went back last Summer for a small trip. Since leaving over three years ago I have been to nine different countries on three continents, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! I hope that you follow me on this amazing journey!